Best Ironing Board Cover for Quilting

Is it possible to iron quilt blocks and seams neatly without having a specialized quilting pressing board?  Most definitely!

Seams, blocks, strips and edges all need to be pressed perfectly flat… but what about your statement pieces of appliqué which need to pop?

Can just one pressing surface do everything you need it to?  Absolutely!

Every quilter knows pressing your fabric correctly will eliminate a mountain of frustrations from maintaining exacting measurements to preserving expensive fabric.

But what if you’re just getting started, don’t have a dedicated sewing room, or are trying to quilt within certain parameters and don’t want to splurge just yet.

A quality ironing board cover that ticks all the boxes from quilting to everyday ironing is exactly what you need.

With a Quilter’s specific requirements in mind, we’ve separated the wheat from the chaff by selecting only the best tried and tested ironing board covers available online.

1. Brabantia Metalized Ironing Board Cover for Quilting

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We love this Brabantia cover for its versatility. It’s not only fantastic for general ironing – but excellent for quilters looking for an all in one ironing solution.

Made from metalized cotton, you can be sure that the cover will not only hold heat well but reflect it back into your block, effectively pressing from both sides. The metalized cotton heat-reflecting technology works with both steam ironing and dry ironing.

The Brabantia size C is extra wide, fitting an 18 x 49 inch board giving you a spacious surface to work with. It’s fitted with a cord and stretch system so you’re able to tighten or adjust the cover as you need to, giving you a taut and smooth ironing surface.

Unfortunately, there is no underlay padding that comes with this cover and needs to be bought separately. When used together however, the Brabantia Felt underlay completes the perfect quilter press set up.

The cover used with the felt underlay gives a firm, durable and heat-holding surface, excellent for pressing blocks and seams, and with enough give for appliqué pieces.

Best of all, the cover itself is systematically perforated. While this is intended for good steam passage, it works in the quilter’s favor, either to line up blocks or for pinning directly into the felt underlay.

  • Wide, firm, smooth surface ideal for quilters and regular ironing
  • Heat reflecting metalized cotton
  • Steam and non-steam
  • Perforated for easy quilting
  • Doesn’t include felt pad
  • Ends up being pricy

2. Ezy Iron Padded Ironing Board for Quilting Cover

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Next on our list comes the Ezy ironing board cover for its excellent padding and heat-reflecting technology.

The inner padding is securely sewn into the cover.  And because it’s made of felt, it molds to the shape of your ironing board, giving you an extra snug fit.

The heat-reflecting technology of the cover works wonders to smooth out even the most stubborn wrinkles, from heavily creased quilting blocks to an everyday ironing load.

Having the thick felt inner makes for firm, well-pressed blocks, without damaging delicate fabrics.

The cover is secured in place with strongly elasticized edges and a bungee-cord style drawstring, so it’s able to fit really tightly around both standard and large ironing boards.

  • Fits standard and larger boards from 47″ up to 54″
  • Thick felt padding
  • Quilting, applique and general ironing
  • Steam and non-steam use
  • Doesn’t come with undercover straps
  • Felt padding is sewn in – spot clean only

3. Bo Nash IronSlide 2000 Ironing Board Cover for Quilters

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Finally, we have the Bo-Nash stick-n-fit cover. A little unorthodox in its stick to fit solution, you can be sure that this cover will not move while ironing.

Made from a reflective fabric, it works to reflect back 300% more heat than a standard cotton cover.

The cover is a little tricky to fit, but wiping down your ironing board and following the instructions exactly ensures a long-lasting, smooth and firm surface.

Originally designed for quilters and crafters, it may also be used for everyday ironing. It’s easy to keep clean as it’s resistant to scorching, burning, starches, fusibles and interfacing.

The 19 x 59 inches cover comes with its own foam padding

  • Stays put
  • Excellent for quilters
  • A beautifully smooth and firm surface
  • Scorch and product resistant
  • Follow fitting instructions exactly

Quilting Ironing Board Cover Advice

Board Cover Materials

The standard ironing board cover for quilters has always been cotton. Recently, this has been improved by fabric manufactures by combining it with Reflective Technology.

By adding aluminum or copper to the 100% cotton material, it provides a surface that reflects heat back into the block you’re ironing. And because you’re still using 100% cotton, you can be sure your delicate fabric won’t be ruined.

Efficiency & Durability

Using a cover with heat reflective technology effectively uses your iron’s surface and the board to press your block or garment flat from both sides at once, essentially halving your ironing time.

Our reviewed covers have all been treated to be water and heat resistant, thereby improving durability and making them easy to clean.

The Bo-Nash Stick-n-fit cover has taken it further by increasing their cover’s surface resistance to include starch, interfacing and fusible materials.

The Correct Fit

The Brabantia and Ezy ironing board covers are super easy to fit and adjust with their sturdy drawstring fitting systems.

The Bo-Nash, however, seems to be tricky for those new to stick-n-fit ironing covers. Sticky covers require you to trace the shape of your board, adding 2-3” extra for wrapping before cutting to size.

Be sure to take into account the addition of the foam underlay before cutting. The instructions need to be followed exactly, with an added precaution of making sure your entire surface (top and bottom) are wiped clean.

It definitely helps to have someone else with you while fitting, as you don’t want the cover accidentally sticking to the foam or board incorrectly.

For extra stability, undercover fasters can be used being either Velcro straps, faster clips or ties. If your cover doesn’t come with this feature, they can be purchased separately.


Quilters and crafters alike admit that equipment and supply costs can get out of hand quickly.

Between gimmicks and must-haves, it’s difficult to know what you really need and what you don’t, BUT, a good quality ironing surface is most definitely a necessity.

If your carefully cut fabric blocks stick to your ironing surface and stretch even a tiny bit out of shape, it will throw out the measurements of your entire project.

While there are some excellent specialized quilting boards and smaller portable quilting mats (((link?))), the costs add up.

For affordable practicality – it’s a good idea to invest in a specialized board cover that is versatile in its excellence for both quilting and everyday ironing.