Best Ironing Board Cover Reviews 2021

Choosing the best ironing board cover is about so much more than how pretty it looks. The right cover should make the ironing process easier and ultimately reduce the amount of time you spend ironing.

That may sound like a loaded sales pitch, but the truth is, modern design and technology is transforming ironing as we know it and ironing board covers are just one of these examples.

They reflect heat, so you’re essentially ironing two sides of your clothing at the same time, they’re stain and scorch resistant, and they allow steam to dissipate so you don’t have a wet board (even if you’re using a high steam generating iron).

Additionally, quality padding built-in to board covers reduces the risk of shining your clothing by absorbing some of the pressure. After some in-depth research, here are our top 5 winners…

Ps: If you need to replace more than just your ironing board cover, check out our best ironing boards review.

1. Silicone Coated Ironing Board Cover by Epica

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The Epica ironing board cover is our all-round winner for its excellent design, outstanding durability and affordability.

It’s tough enough to handle even the most frequent and lengthy ironing sessions. With this in mind, Epica has specifically designed the silver silicone surface to reflect the heat of your iron, so it’s almost as if you’re ironing both sides of your garment at once, substantially shortening your ironing time.

An added benefit of having a silicone ironing board cover is that you’re able to use less steam, which means less time on water tank refills.

The inner padding is about ¼ inches thick but increases with the extra padding given by the waterproof cover which is also scorch and stain-resistant.

The cover is held in place by elasticized edging which fits around a standard size ironing board (15 inches wide x 54 inches long). The stretch fit gives a really smooth finish to your ironing surface. For an extra secure fit, adjustable Velcro straps are included.

  • Fits standard board size 15 x 54 inches
  • Scorch and stain-resistant
  • Silver silicone coating uses heat optimally
  • Outstanding durability
  • Secure and smooth fit
  • Affordable quality
  • Not ideal for smaller sized boards

2. Padded Ironing Board Cover by Ezy Iron

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The Ezy ironing board cover looks and feels substantial with its generous padding and larger fit.

It’s made with elasticized edges and a bungee-cord style drawstring, so it’s able to fit really tightly around standard (15 x 54 inches) and larger ironing boards. The sewn-in, thick felt padding, quickly molds to the shape of your ironing board, giving you a fully snug fit.

The Ezy ironing board covers come in a range of different fabric designs that are all heat reflective, which enables quick and wrinkle-free ironing.

  • Fits standard and larger boards from 47 inches up to 54 inches
  • Thick felt padding
  • Excellent durability
  • Scorch resistant
  • Doesn’t come with under cover straps
  • Felt padding sewn-in
  • Suitable for spot clean only

3.  Metallized Extra Wide Cover by Brabantia (Size C)

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Brabantia (Size C) is a brand well known for quality design and doesn’t disappoint with its extra wide ironing board cover made of metalized cotton. The metalized cover reflects heat back into the garment you’re ironing, and does it well, whether you’re using steam or not.

The cover is fitted with a cord and stretch system so you’re able to tighten or adjust the cover, giving you a taut and smooth ironing surface.

Unfortunately, there is no underlay padding that comes with this cover and needs to be bought separately. The ironing board cover and felt underlay are of course, best used together. See below where we review the padding separately.

  • Fits board size: 18 x 49 inches (Brabantia Size C)
  • Heat reflecting metalized cotton
  • Excellent durability
  • Adjustable cord fastener
  • Doesn’t include felt pad

4. Heavy Duty Extra-Thick Ironing Board Cover and Pad

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Laundry Solutions together with Westex have designed an attractive triple-layer ironing board cover and pad that fits the standard ironing board size (15 inches x 54 inches).

It has two layers of fiber, equalling 4mm, and one layer of 3mm foam to provide a really thick pad with excellent durability. The thickness of the inner padding gives you a firm, smooth surface that disperses heat and steam beautifully.

The cover is 100% treated cotton, making it water and stain-resistant and easy to spot clean. It has a wide elasticized wrap around the edge, giving it a snug fit to your board.

To ensure the cover stays put when ironing bigger items, it comes with two under-cover luggage quality, click to close fasters.

  • Fits 15 inches x 54 inch boards
  • Triple-layer thickness
  • Easy to clean
  • Elasticized with 2 sturdy fasteners
  • Non-adjustable fit

5. Cheap Ironing Board Cover and Pad by Whitmor

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This is our winning budget board cover. The Whitmore deluxe is a 100% cotton ironing board cover and pad in one, at an ultra-affordable price. The stylish fabric is scorch and stain-resistant for easy cleaning and has sewn-in protective padding.

The fiber padding, however, isn’t as thick as we’d like it to be, creating an average ironing surface with less durability.

The cover fits your standard ironing board size (15 x 54 inch) and is tailored specifically to fit neatly over the nose of your board.

Edged with super-strong stretch cord binding, it’s size adjustable but doesn’t come with additional undercover fasteners.

  • Size: 15 x 54 inch
  • Most affordable ironing board cover
  • 100% cotton
  • Adjustable super strong stretch cord binding
  • Scorch and stain-resistant
  • Thin padding
  • Average durability

6. Mini Table Top Ironing Board Cover

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  • pro
  • con

Ironing Board Felt Replacement

Brabantia Ironing Board Cover Replacement Felt Pad

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Designed to go under the Brabantia boards, this one-size-fits-all felt pad works for other boards too, whether you need a replacement or are looking to increase padding thickness… simply cut to fit.

The absorbent nature of felt works well with or without steam, allowing heat and steam to permeate the felt and pass through the board, giving you the heat you need without worrying about scorching.

To ensure faster and better ironing, the 0.2 inch felt pad comes with an extra resilient viscose layer.

  • Heat resistant
  • Non-slip
  • Permeable to facilitate steam flow
  • One size fits all
  • Ironing board cover sold separately


Fitting your foam replacement is included in the steps above.

It’s advisable to replace your ironing board foam if you can feel the hard metal base of your board. Foam padding can become compressed after extended use and exposure to heat. The padding on an ironing board helps absorb pressure when ironing over seams.

Without adequate padding, you risk scorching or shining garments. In some cases, the metal mesh grid on the base of your ironing board could even leave an imprint on your clothing.

There are three types of padding you can add to your board. Keep in mind, some board covers are already padded so you may not need an additional layer.

Felt Padding

Both natural and synthetic options are available. The compacted fibers and density of felt gives you a firm and durable ironing surface that will not stretch out of shape.

The felt pad should be larger than your board and then cut to fit your board’s shape. Brabantia has a one-size fit all option (53 inches long x 19 inches wide x 0. 2 inches thick) and suits both small and large boards.

Wool Padding

Wool is durable, breathable and heat-resistant. The compression of the natural fibers in wool padding allows heat to flow through the clothing when you iron and then reflect back up into your fabric. This heat retaining efficiency shortens your ironing time.

Foam Padding

Foam is heat-resistant with average durability. Foam is a synthetic material and quite porous, so it has a tendency to stretch out of shape.  Thicker foam inners are more durable.

Ironing Board Cover Buyers Guide

When choosing between ironing board covers, it helps to take a couple of points into consideration before making your final decision.

Whats is your Ironing Board Size?

While many ironing board covers are made to fit a standard-sized ironing board (15 x 54 inch), there are many ironing boards out there that are not “standard”.

Before choosing a cover, measure the length and width of your board to make sure you choose the best fit.

Fit and Adjustability

If you’ve measured your ironing board only to find it’s an inch or two out from the standard ironing board cover fit, then it’s best to choose a cover with a drawstring type fitting system as they are easily adjustable, especially if you need to fit a smaller ironing board.

When choosing an elasticized ironing board cover, it’s best to stick to the same brand as your ironing board so you can be sure of a proper fit. Check out the following link for tips on how to fit or replace your ironing board cover correctly.

For extra stability, some covers come with their own undercover fasters; being either Velcro straps, faster clips or ties.

If your cover doesn’t come with this feature, they can be purchased separately (link?)

Durability and Cleaning

When it comes to durability you can trust the offer of a warranty as back up to the claim.

A good quality ironing board cover should be treated so as not to be damaged by scorching or cleaning and last at least 2 years.

You can improve your covers durability by taking care when cleaning it.

It’s prudent to assume that specialized ironing board covers are not machine washable as they are treated to be water, stain and scorch resistant.

Wiping your cover down with a wet cloth is usually enough.

Although some ironing board covers stipulate that a gentle cycle may be used, it’s important to consider any fixed foam underlays which may be damaged during a machine wash.

If you decide to machine wash your ironing board cover:

  • Remove the inner pad and put the cover inside a bag for washing delicates – this will keep any cords or fasters that can’t be removed from being damaged.
  • Set to a quick, cold, handwash cycle.

Ironing Board Cover and Pad Efficiency

Ironing board covers are generally made from cotton, metalized cotton, silicon and/or a combination of these materials.

If you’re looking for a standard, no-frills ironing board cover then cotton would be perfect.  It’s natural and tough giving you good heat control.

Metalized cotton uses the natural strength of cotton but is reinforced with aluminum. This works well to redirect the irons heat back to allow for faster ironing time.

Silicon coated ironing covers are great for durability as they are scorch and stain-resistant and particularly durable. When silicone covers are combined with a metallic type finish, this also works to reflect the irons heat back.

The inner should either be made of felt, foam or ideally a combination of both.

  • Felt has compacted fibers which gives you a firm and durable ironing surface that won’t stretch out of shape, but rather mold itself with the contours of your ironing board.
  • Foam is reasonably durable, but because it’s a synthetic material it’s quite porous, so thicker foam inners hold their form longer than thinner ones.

For how to replace an ironing board cover, check out our (link?)


Expensive doesn’t always mean excellence, so be on the lookout for the following clues indicating good quality in an affordable product.

  • Strong cord draw-string    or   strongly elasticized edges
  • Heat and scorch resistance
  • Stain-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Secure fit
  • Thick foam inner
  • Durability – should come with a 2-year warranty.