Ironing Prices (Average Costs Around the World)


Whether you’re looking for professional ironing services or investigating the viability of starting an at-home ironing service, this article will give you a good idea of the average cost of ironing around the world. There are three different ways in which laundry or ironing services price their ironing. Per hour Per weight Per item Of course, … Read more

How to Remove Iron Marks From Clothes – Including Shine

You can use one of several techniques to remove shiny iron marks from natural fibers like wool blends and cotton. These techniques will help soften the fibers and help them return to their natural, uncompressed state. Shine marks on polyester are more likely to be melted fibers as opposed to compression. In these cases, the … Read more

How To Use A Trouser Press (and Other Helpful Info)


A trouser press is essentially an electronic valet stand which heat-presses your dress pants overnight to remove wrinkles. As with a traditional valet stand, there’s usually also a handy jacket holder attached for added convenience. If you’re looking for a trouser press, head on over to our Corby Of Windsor Trouser Press Review. How To … Read more

Who Invented the Ironing Board?


Who Invented the Ironing Board? Sarah Boone, an African American inventor in 1892 patented the improvements for the ironing board that was the forerunner of the ironing board we know today. But, to be absolutely fair, her invention was a culmination of several preceding ideas. The earliest known ironing boards were invented by the Vikings … Read more