Do You Need Distilled Water for Ironing?


There is a lot of confusion as to what water is best for ironing. Unless you have your iron’s user manual available, it is difficult to say exactly what water should be used in your specific model, as different irons have different water requirements. After researching several top brands, these are our findings. Do you … Read more

How Does a Steam Generator Iron Work?


There are several home appliances that have made history for how they have changed the way we live and run a home, and this is without a doubt one of them. A Steam Generator iron sounds like such a high tech, industrial appliance. Although it performs like a professional level machine, it’s really simple and … Read more

Steam Generator Iron vs Steam Iron


Steam generator irons and steam irons are not the same things, although they are used for the same purpose, ironing. It’s like comparing an SUV to a Hatchback, both are cars but they perform very differently. If you’re in the market for a new iron, which should you be choosing? What is the difference between … Read more

Is It Better to Iron Clothes Wet or Dry?

I’m all for short cuts, and this is one ironing hack that will save you LOTS of time. Believe it or not, there is an ideal washing, drying, and ironing process, but it’s not always possible because of time demands and unpredictable weather. Despite this, we’re exploring this perfect world scenario which includes less time … Read more

Does Ironing Fade Clothes?

does ironing fade clothes

Why is it that it’s always your favorite wardrobe item that fades first? The answer is actually pretty simple… and obvious now that we’ve looked into it in more detail. Because it gets more wear, this results in more exposure to the elements that cause garments to age. Here’s a more in-depth view of what … Read more

How to Iron Polyester at the Correct Temperature Setting


Polyester is an extremely popular fabric in fashion and sports clothing because of its low heat retention and lightweight, moisture-wicking properties. You can sometimes avoid ironing polyester altogether because of its innate resistance to wrinkles, but, in some cases, you’ll have to use an iron to get it perfectly smooth. The problem is… how do … Read more